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​Wet Summer Style: Styling Up The Basics

​Wet Summer Style: Styling Up The Basics

Posted by Charlotte Hammond-Wright on 31st Jul 2021

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Well here we are in Summer 2021...

...the year that was going to be different, better, happier, brighter than 2020. And despite the hope we came with into the new year, and despite the many positive strides we have taken to overcoming the dreadful issues we have been living with and through, the wet weather clearly did not get the notification of high hopes.

As such, it has been storms, high speed winds and hail since January 1st. But still we must carry on and as such, we wanted to lift your spirits with a few ways to style up your basics, from the classic rain coat to the wellybob.

The Rain Coat

Come July we would have been forgiven for expecting a bit of sunshine, but here I sit, with the rain pounding down on my window and trees being blown away outside my window.What is going on?And just how am I meant to enjoy living my Hot Girl/Woman Summer dream in this nonsense??

Well luckily, raincoats have come a long way from the bright red plastic waterproofs we wore for the Duke Of Edinburgh hikes, making them easier to style up and dress up for any occasion.Possibly even a wedding!

The 'Mac'

These look great oversized, and come in a fabulous range of colours and styles, from bright yellow right through to the more quirky transparent options.the best ones we have discovered are those with a lace pattern running through them as they look elegant enough to be worn for a rainy event or outdoor party.The transparent plastic also means you can still see your dress underneath which is a real bonus when you've spent time and money finding the perfect dress.

Top tip: if you prefer to create a bit of shape then why not try belting your mac up? It can look very cool and with our high array of different belts you could have one to match every outfit!


Worn with a pair of jeans, a basic white tee and heeled leather boots you are ready for a cooler, wet summer’s day.This kind of raincoat is so easy to wear over everything and always adds a cool laid back feel.


Whilst usually a padded coat, the bare arms on a gilet make it an easy to wear additional layer for a summer shower and it’s stylish too.They are ideal for throwing over a casual, day time maxi dress or else mini skirt or cropped trousers and light knit jumper.


A smarter version of the usual rain coats on offer, the trench comes in a variety of styles from neutral burberry-esque colours to pretty-as-a-picture pieces which are almost as lovely as anything you could wear underneath!

Style down with pale wash jeans and pretty coloured court shoes for an evening out.


This is the classic wet-day coat, which every woman should carry with her just in case and which we can all recall being forced into when riding a long flume or on a freezing wet wlalk around some cliff with the family as a child!But whilst the pacAmac of old was considered unstylish by its very nature, (and the name could do with some work too before it wins any fashionable awards), it can now take it’s place on the rain drenched catwalk of life.

With rain coat options designed to be as attractive as a dress, stylish enough for you fashionistas daily needs, and fitted and elegant enough to even wear over a LBD for date night, you can really enjoy the rain when out and about in any of these fabulous cover up ideas.

And don't forget the umbrella!

Which is your favourite?  Let us know!