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​The One Must-Have Item For Layering

​The One Must-Have Item For Layering

Posted by Charlotte Hammond-Wright on 8th Oct 2021

When autumn hits it's time to find pieces you can wear from now until Spring!

A coat is a bit too defeatist for many of us in the UK just yet.  In fact we like to pretend it's still summer long into November meaning we need clothes that keep us warm without being too bulky.

As such, our favorite item for layering up is the longline sleeveless gilet.

It gives the warmth of a coat, but allows you to bring your own style into the look by layering it over the jumper or shirt of your choice!

How To Wear It 

1. On warmer autumn days it looks great over a t-shirt

2. For evenings it can look smart over a long sleeved dress

3. On those chillier winter days it will add a much longed for layer of warmth over a jumper!

It is the perfect transitional all-rounder!

Colours For Any Occasion 

We love that it comes in a selection of colours too - if you are a fan of summer until Christmas then you may like the pastel pink option, but for the autumnal fans amongst us, the orange is perfect!

For a great classic all-rounder, the black option is for you and can be brightened up with a pop of colour through the sleeves!

Take your pick and enjoy!