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How To Create A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe In 2021

How To Create A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe In 2021

Posted by Charlotte Hammond-Wright on 20th Jun 2021

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What Is A Capsule Wardrobe? 

Considered to be one of the simplest ways to keep all your clothes working hard for you day-in-day-out, a capsule wardrobe is also a wonderful way to hone your own style without being dictated by trends.

The basics of the capsule will usually always be the same and include neutral coloured, versatile pieces which can be remixed in lots of different ways with one another, as well as dressed up with more statement or trend led pieces.

What Do I Need For A Capsule Wardrobe? 

The timeless staples will usually be in neutrals, or black/navy and include:

  • a tank or strappy top
  • x2 t-shirts - one short sleeve, one long sleeve
  • a shirt
  • a sweater
  • a black dress
  • a black skirt
  • a cardigan
  • jeans and/or pair of trousers
  • a well tailored blazer
  • another jacket such as a leather or denim option

You may find you already have a lot of these items in your wardrobe and if not, it’s time to create a list and get to grips with what else you need to complete the capsule.

Tip: If you really want to go deep, you can dig into finding your ideal colour palette or your own personal style, for example sporty classic, cute classic, edgy classic etc. Regardless of how in-depth you go, once you have curated these 10 basics above, finding ways to keep your capsule updated is easy!

5 top tips for cultivating the perfect capsule wardrobe.

1. Review the closet twice a year during seasonal changes

If a capsule closet is calling you, then you will find you suddenly have 

a) a lot more space in your cupboards and 

b) no further need to do a full season shift from winter to summer clothing twice a year; dragging out all the thick jumpers around September and packing away all the florals for their winter months holiday. But it is still important to do a review of your items around this time instead.

Since the 10 staples will have pretty heavy duty wear throughout the year, it’s crucial to take a thorough look at each one, checking for holes, stains, faded colours, items which have shrunk in the wash as well as those which you no longer fit into anymore after a heavy christmas! High end pieces may feel hard to let go of, but if the stain won’t come out and you can no longer do it up, it’s time for it’s retirement!

2. Remove it if you don't love it

Another thing to consider during these seasonal reviews is how the clothes make you feel. A capsule is usually around 30-50 items, including shoes, pyjamas and accessories, so if an item doesn’t make you feel amazing, (or in the words of Marie Kondo, "Bring You Joy"), then it’s time to get rid of it and replace it for something which does.

It could be that the wrap shirt style you loved 2 years ago is no longer resonating with you and you would prefer a classic button-down.Similarly, if the item looks dated compared to your current style preferences, then let that go too.

Bear in mind that your capsule should be easy to dress from and a reflection of your style.Styles or colours you are drawn to can change from year to year, so don’t feel bad about selling on or donating pieces, and updating your wardrobe to suit your life and style!

3. Shop your closet first

Before doing a huge “I Need To Create A Capsule” shop, check through all your winter and summer clothes to ensure you haven’t already got anything in the colour or style you are craving. Often, items from the winter could be ideal for stepping into spring. A lovely cardigan which you layer up heavily in winter could be thrown over a short sleeve t-shirt come April for example. Equally, your favourite summer tier dress could be worn with thick tights and a chunky jumper and look perfect in the run up to Christmas!

If you notice there are genuine gaps in the wardrobe once you have reviewed it and perhaps donated or sold on some of the items you no longer wear, then create a list of what you need to purchase.

4. Invest in quality pieces

Many of us shrink away from spending too much on our clothes, but finding higher quality items which will be durable, classic and foundational to your capsule is crucial with the most money usually being spent on shoes, bags and outerwear.

Of course, if you fancy a spot of extra colour, sparkle or pattern, then picking something up on the high street is perfectly acceptable too!

Which brings us on to…

5…Buying trends at high street prices - not designer!

Trend based items will last a season or two, but if you buy these pieces at great expense, then even once you are no longer interested in wearing them, you will be reluctant to let them go, meaning the capsule is suddenly getting filled up with unwearable clothing!

Instead of investing heavily in fun trends, shop smart!Add in some lower priced, updated items from current trends or colour palettes.They will bring your classic capsule pieces right up to date, and once you are ‘over’ them, you won’t feel so worried about selling them on or donating them because you spent far less!

Let us know what items you are looking for to complete your own capsule Wardrobe!