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Do You Make These 4 Simple Mistakes On Black Friday?

Do You Make These 4 Simple Mistakes On Black Friday?

Posted by Charlotte Hammond-Wright on 22nd Nov 2021

1. Make A Black Friday List And Stick To It

Black Friday is a great time to start your christmas shopping and find some of those all important bargains for your friends and loved ones, but ensuring you have a basic list of who you are buying for and what they might like is the best way to stop yourself from over stretching your finances during an already money-hungry time of year. 

Ruby La La wants to save you some money this year, whilst still helping you buy exactly what you want for your loved ones; and with everything from fabulous and fun festive clothing to the perfects gift ideas all under one roof, (or on one website if you prefer to purchase online), we felt it was only right to open Black Friday up across everything instore. 

So here's our Black Friday/Cyber Monday top tips:

  1. create your list of names to buy for
  2. take a look through the website for ideas (try starting on our gifts page for inspiration)
  3. write up your gift list
  4. pop in between Thursday and Sunday to grab your Black Friday bargains (or call 01252 723777)go on the website and purchase between Saturday and Monday for your Cyber Monday deals (and receive free postage over £50) or pick up instore for free.
  5. If in doubt, purchase a gift card instead 

2. Protect Yourself From Black Friday Scams

It can be so tempting to grab bargains left, right and centre, but keep in mind that many fake 'retailers' pop up at this time of year in an attempt to scam people on the hunt!  

The best way to be safe from scammers this Black Friday is to do your research on the stores you shop from online and stick to ones you trust by checking their reviews and the social media.  (Shockingly, Amazon is full of fake reviewers, so do be careful when searching for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.)

Ruby La La staff have a great relationship with their customers, and we are constantly humbled by your lovely reviews and testimonials about your customer service experience with us, and that translates into our online service too, with quick shipping turn around times and response times to questions. 

3. Buy With Them In Mind This Black Friday

Another thing to bear in mind is that, whilst high street big brands and online shopping sites like Amazon are tempting you with amazing deals, smaller independent shops and online retailers offer something these sites cannot: unique gifts and one off pieces.

To give a gift is to know someone well and take the time to think what they would love from you.  

Showing your thanks and love through gift giving is a big part of the christmas spirit for many people, and by choosing something special and unique, you are really able to express that.

So don't be fooled and fall into the trap of buying the first thing at the best price on Amazon!  Whilst en masse shopping at big brand retailers has it's place throughout the year, when it comes to presents, the unique, unusual and one off pieces are always a winner!

4. Understand Your Consumer Rights This Black Friday

Shockingly, many retailers will change their policies during the Black Friday madness so as to cash in, for example hiking up their postage costs!  So check the returns policies before purchasing both instore and online.  

Ruby La La's shipping cost remains free on orders over £50, and our online return policy is as follows:

You will receive a full refund when the goods are returned within 14 calendar days of the original purchase as per your consumer rights and when returned in the original packaging, with labels attached and in 'as new' resale condition.  

You will receive a confirmation from us when we have received your returned item.

Any questions? Email

Most importantly, have fun this Black Friday and stay safe! 

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