7 Ways to Look Youthful, Confident and Refreshed

Posted by Charlotte Hammond-Wright on 21st Mar 2021

In world of botox and filler, there are more and more of us looking for easier, cheaper and less painful ways to rejuvenate our look! Ageing is a privilege, and something we can learn to embrace, but sadly, so many women still find that once they reach ‘a certain age’, the world seems to turn it’s back. From older actresses struggling to get decent roles in Hollywood, to the unfair and untrue idea that men ‘get better with age’ whereas women are told it’s ‘all downhill’ from some uncertain and unclear turning point in their life.

But it’s time to fight the injustice of gender based ageism. No more changing your looks to ‘fit in’ and ‘stay young’. Just bring the True You to the surface and enjoy being you once again - expressive facial lines, beautiful greys and all!

We want our customers to feel encouraged to embrace themselves exactly as they are. We want you to rediscover your inner shine using only a few simple tweaks to your styling. And because we all feel 21 at heart, we want that inner youthfulness to shine through once more. No botox required!

So how can we feel great about ourselves?

Tip One

Avoid boxy, shapeless styles. Yes you may feel more comfortable in them, but does that comfort come from feeling like you want to hide? Forget that! Shine your light! You don’t have to get everything on show - but even a slightly more fitted blazer, rather than a loose boyfriend style would do the trick. A shapeless item calls to mind a matronly figure - and no one wants to be described as matronly - so ditch the oversized mom jeans and huge shift dresses and instead, try a pair of straight legs jeans (or even fitted flares), and a gorgeous slip dress (which are usually cut on the bias and therefore look extremely flattering without displaying everything underneath!)

Balmain  Rixo

 Ruby La La Blazer and Poppy Dress

Tip Two

Keep jewellery elegant and timeless. Fabulous chunky brights have their place of course, but for day to day, keep it fine, modern, timeless and chic.

 Otiumberg  RubyLala - Circle Heart Necklace

Tip Three

No more hard waist bands. Weight naturally becomes harder to shift after a certain age for many women and the muffin top, which appears due to a tight waist band, does nothing for our confidence as we blossom into the next stage of our lives! If you experience this displacement of fat out the waistband of your trousers, you can be certain you are wearing styling which does not fit correctly. With a simple change to another more flattering style, you can feel great in your curves once again.

Why not try a beautifully tailored pair of trousers to flatter your figure? And when it comes to jeans, ensure you have around 2 fingers of wiggle room in the waistband so as to avoid the overspill. Elasticated waists sounds like some dreadful fashion faux pas, but no more! Now you can get many stylish trousers with this type of comfortable and flattering waist, from denim to leather!

Max Mara Ruby La La Palazzo Pants

Valentino Ruby La La Flare Cut

Tip Four

Shoes should accentuate a look, not be the look. Feeling fabulous is about feeling amazing because of You, and not because of the shoes you’re wearing or the bag you are holding. Your outfit should enhance your own confidence and beauty and be accentuated by you, not the other way round. That said, there is no harm in adding a little pep to your step! For day to day, a cute sparkly pump is ideal, but could easily be swapped out for a simple wedge or kitten heel for the evening. Elongate those legs, and feel glorious all day long.

  Valentino Ruby La La Nude Heel

Tip Five

For those of us who want to hide ourselves away, we tend to choose black and navy, perhaps hoping we might disappear into the shadows in doing so. What we don’t realise is that, choosing these kinds of colour for this reason, only makes us feel worse. The look of such dark colours against slightly older or ageing skin is very harsh. It brings us down, dulls the skin and makes us look older, very formal or downright serious! When we want to feel young and fabulous, this is clearly not the way to go! Instead, opt for some interest in the fabric, or a vibrancy in the hue. It doesn't have to be neon pink, (in fact it almost certainly shouldn’t), but choosing colour over dark shades will always make you appear more confident and fresh faced! If you want to wear neutrals - whether black, navy or a brown/taupe - then add a colourful scarf or jacket to still bring that pop of freshness to the look!

Materiel Ruby La La Flamenco Dress

Tip Six

Choose eye wear which suits your face. Often we choose our glasses and fail to update them for several years. In that time, your style may have changed, your face could have shifted slightly in shape due to pregnancy, losing or gaining weight or due to ageing in general which often sees the cheeks slim down in many women. The glasses (both for seeing and sunglasses) you have worn for 5 years may simply not suit you any more and could even be ageing you! Go along to your opticians and try on a few new styles. There are so many out there now. The large 70s styles are back in, but with a modern take on them, as are the 50s ‘cats eyes’ and the fine, rounded gold frames of the 90s are very popular too. Similarly, choose sunglasses which enhance your face, not hide it!

Bottega Veneta Ruby La La Design Motif Sunnies

Tip Seven

An appearance of youthfulness comes first and foremost from within, and aside from a smile and a twinkle in your eyes, the next best thing you can do for yourself is to work on your posture. We so often have our chin jutting forward and down, our shoulders rolled forward and our upper back curled over. Rule 101 when aiming to look youthful and fresh is to pull your shoulders back, lift your chin a little and look straight ahead when walking rather than at your feet or phone.

Gravity works on us through our whole lives, and naturally by the time from when we have been on the planet, 40, 50, 60+ years it has played a big part in how we hold ourselves, but fight back! Put on your active wear and begin to strengthen your core, as well as your back and neck muscles and begin to bring your true self out into the world again…remember we are all 21 at heart!