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4 Of The Best Parisian Style Secrets

Posted by Charlotte Hammond-Wright @charlottethesustainablestylist on 17th Apr 2021

Parisian women are known to pride themselves on their timeless style. Clean lines, chic colour palettes and an elegant fit which suits their body type to a tee. Nothing too tight or too loose, nothing too bright or too over the top. The details are subtle and timeless, not ‘trendy’, meaning they can curate a stunning wardrobe which they can wear year in year out without having to buy a whole new set of clothes every Spring and Autumn.

This way of dressing creates a ‘style blueprint’ which they can easily and comfortably stick to - a go-to daily ‘uniform’ which they know feels and looks great. But how do we mere style mortals go about creating this elegant Parisian Look? Here are our 4 top tips!

1. Mix High Street With High End - And Add A Signature

You will rarely see a classically Parisian woman wearing head to toe designer labels - which is good news for us! She would rather mix her favourite high street pieces with a single, stunning designer handbag or beautifully made jacket.

This added designer item is your ‘signature’- the piece which makes you feel wonderful and will be your absolute go-to item. So consider what you think will get used the most and look great with as many of the other clothes in your wardrobe. This might include a: 

  • Jacket
  • Bag
  • Pair of Sunglasses
  • Pair of leather ballet flats

2. Colour Right

You will find Parisian women tend to stick with a colour uniform such as navy and black as well as neutrals and white. If you do want to invest in some colourful printed pieces, then a dresses or top with a small-floral design, (for example the red halter dress seen above), will see you through a Parisian summer. 

Other ways to add colour to your Parisian wardrobe is though the use of accessories: a cross body bag (seen above), a beautiful belt or even your purse. Add a pop to your look with your  accessories and you will be perfectly Parisian.

3. Comfort But Make It Chic

The one thing you will not spot a classic Parisian wearing is head to toe ‘sporty’. Even on the way to or from the gym will require a change of top to be worn with the leggings and trainers. 

So what do the women of Paris wear when they need to dress down but remain looking high class?

  • Bright white sneakers: not to be mistaken for the trainers they wear to their gym class. These are pristine white and go with absolutely everything.

  • Black leggings: wear to/from your gym class with a chic white, oversized shirt. Not to be worn for general day to day activities.

  • Active looking ‘pieces’: as we have said, the Parisian will not wear a full leisure wear look or overtly sporty style, but a vintage, sports designer jumper such as Ellesse or Fila with jeans and those white sneakers is a style winner in 2021.

  • Classic white tee: great to be worn to a fitness class or simply worn with jeans and a blazer to give a comfortable yet chic look. 

    4. Accessorise Lightly, But Well

    A pair of beautiful statement earrings are a must-have when you want to POP, though you will not find a Parisian out and about wearing huge, colourful, over-the-top jewellery. Generally speaking, elegant, fine jewellery in gold or silver/white gold would be the look du jour, but as we have said, a great way to bring colour to an ensemble is through accessories, and that includes a stunning pair of statement earrings.