4 Items You Need For A Lockdown Picnic With Loved Ones

Posted by Charlotte Hammond-Wright on 30th Mar 2021

The Prime Minister has confirmed that from 29th march the ‘rule of six’ returned for outdoor gatherings, (including within our private gardens), of more than two households. That being said, it’s time to start thinking about some lovely picnic outfit ideas because until May 17th, when we can meet indoors, a picnic or BBQ will be our prime way to socialise with our loved ones.

Here are our top 4 picks for your Lockdown Picnics

1. The Perfect Summer’s Day Dress

Prairie chic and as sweet as a piece of candy, this gorgeous pale pink floral dress is ideal for a warm, lazy afternoons grazing on sandwiches in the sunshine. Add a pretty straw hat and a basket for your food and you are ready to go! Since it is the UK, you could always add a pretty matching umbrella in case the skies turn grey!


2. A Pretty-As-A-Picture Top

Florals and lace for a picnic? Well this is the UK after all, and we love to get our most summery items out the moment the sun pops out from behind the clouds! And what better excuse to look fancy then when your favourite people are rounded up together in one place at last?

This glorious petal-covered top (below left) is ideal for a dreamy summer’s day, but if you prefer something a little less flowery, then our sweet ‘Paris’ hoodie (below right) comes in either pink or white and will add an equally ‘Summer In The UK’ feel to your picnic - and keep you warm too!  


3. Some Comfortable And Chic Trousers

Worried about ants getting in to more than just your sandwiches? Then opt for a pair of comfortable but stylish trousers! An elasticated waist is no longer just for toddlers and nonagenarians; in fact, some of the most elegant trousers in our collection are elasticated!

Plus, they leave room for extra Victoria sponge cake! Team them with our on-topic Be Kind T-Shirt (see below).



4. A Way To Keep Dry Whilst Still Lifting The Spirits

A rainy day in the UK is never a huge surprise, which is why raincoats and umbrella’s are a mainstay in any handbag!

The perfect raincoat should always have a bit of personality to brighten up a grey day, and this pretty polka dot jacket has plenty of it! With a contrasting belt and hood, tortoiseshell buttons and even a bow, it is the prettiest coat around and guaranteed to delight your picnic guests!

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